The most important decision you will never make is to be in a good mood.

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What the meaning of decision, the decision means – determine your self(Decision – The most important decision you will never take in a good mood). Yes, write everyone know about the decision that decision words has so consisted of our life. Some people take it seriously, some people don’t know the value of decision and some people are not aware of their own decision.

Sometimes before when I was in school then I decided that I will be the manager of a company where I will work 10 to 6 pm and will chill. This was my decision of school days when we don’t know about how to take a decision.

So let’s come we will tell you that how should we take the decision of our carries or for yourself.


Decision making in school days

When we used to become in school and starting study in 6 class. So that time we used to think that now I came in seniors class and become very senior so according to that we think and start behaving like our fathers that I know everything. we starting to become overconfident because till the time we did not see the ups and downs in our life and we are enjoying our self. as we are growing up. we have started overthinking that I will be pass or not and somewhere will I that’s means, our thinking power or taking decision power to become increase. when we listen to different students that study is so important and if I will not study so I will fail. that is fear and fear = understanding of how to take a decision.

When we come in 10th standard. our study responsibility becomes higher than what we have studied in our past school. Because Now is time to take a higher decision in our life. And here we should decide our carrier as our study will be. This is so difficult to take this decision that what should I do because our board exam are there and the carrier are there. and our parent’s pressure is there. Because our decision is to become an actor and parents are thinking that my son/daughter will take science and will become an engineer or teacher. we stuck here and don’t get take a decision. And as we go ahead in the carrier so we become more sharp from the mind but we don’t get take right decisions for our self. Because different people have different situation.

Don’t take a decision so quickly

We should not take the decision so quickly. Because not everyone gets the chance, first a fall understands the situation and do work on it try to be more intensive to understand. So you can do the take good decision.sometimes we take a decision so far and that kind of mistake trouble in our future. after Completing your 12th standard. Make and ambition and do work with it to follow. And make it regular till than you don’t achieve your path.
Let’s learn how to take a decision in a different way.
There are some different way to take a decision.

  1. Ask teachers
  2. Ask friends groups
  3. Discuss to parents if they are educated
  4. The personal decision if you understood the situation
  5. Ask for a specialist who already in this field

 1. Ask the teacher

Ask teachers where you studying in school college or tuitions. Tell them your situation and discuss then what should we do for this.if this is compared to your situation and you can do that what they are suggesting you so follow it. But remember the thing that you do no become so excited if they have done convince you. Because they have told you everything according to him.

2. Ask friends and groups

Talk about your situation that you are not having to take a decision about joining college. If you will discuss in your group they will suggest different colleges. and what you have to do that you should research the colleges which you discussed in the group. and then checked out the ranking of college and reviews about it then discuss to your best friend who understands your feelings.ask them that I have decided to join this college.he will suggest you good. Don’t remember your friend should be more intelligent or your study field friend.

3. Parents if they are educated

if your parents are educated and understanding that what are you doing in the study and what is the benefit to your future so you must ask and discuss with them about your decision.what are you thinking to do. Because they are one of them who will never suggest you wrong and will support you from everywhere.

4. Ask a specialist who is already in the field.

Ask a specialist who is living around you or your family member person. Because he is already suffering from this situation. And he will tell the great experience about his journey what he spending with the profession. He knows everything about the field where you are thinking to enter so maybe you will learn so many things from him.and definitely, it will really helpful to you.

5 The personal decision if you understand the situation

The last and final decision would be your where you can suffer.
So if you will understand the concept what everyone told you. And merge it according to you and research about what your final decision is. If you will do it you will never become in trouble in your life. And will succeed.

Some little story which is happening in real life with my friend.

I would like to tell that my one friend who is studying in 12th standard in 2012.After completing his 12th class. He joined a company as a telecaller for his financial problem and also for a study that if I will do the job so may I learn more efficiently. But when he joined the company and doing starting the earning .he forget everything about for he joined. Then he left so many companies as well. During job he thinks that I should do business, sometimes I should do study.means when he lost so many time without ambition .He didn’t get anything from that job.because when he understands that there is not enough to me in random jobs .so he feared.

And after so many years in 2018, he decided to do a course which he really likes and he can do that because he doesn’t know what to do or should do. The main problem with him financially problem from starting. But he knows that he is not doing right. And when he realized he went to the right. So sometimes we don’t take a decision on the right time to take a decision on the right time and be successful.

Don’t fear to take the right decision at the right time. you will never regret

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