how to earn money from youtube

How to earn money from youtube

As we all know about the internet, In today’s era every person is using the internet AND they want to know How to earn money from youtube. whether it is a child or a student of the school or college boy or a professional person. We are busy in our daily routine, we still maintain connectivity to the internet, we have internet usage several times a day, no matter how much work we have. And from all of these, YouTube is a way we want to use all day if we want, today we will tell you how to earn money from YouTube.

1. Make a youtube account

How to earn money from youtube – In order to create a YouTube account, you must first have a mobile number and a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account already, you can use it too. But remember, if you are creating your YouTube account, then you have a Gmail account Youtube should be relayed from the account, it will also get better value on your YouTube.

2. Decide a niche to make a video

Dispose to make a video about a unique topic so that you can present the topic in a different way. explore it as nobody can. Take proper time to make different content, before making the video, keep remembering that you should write about the that the content could be good and people liked it so we will not think about how to earn money from youtube. All you have to do is keep in mind that the regular video is uploading to have to do this for about 1 year so that your views and subscribers will become good.

how to earn money from youtube3. Social media accounts for how to earn money from youtube.

Make social media accounts for your views and subscriber.make different platform social media account.there should be facebook account, twitter account, Instagram account, LinkedIn account, and Pinterest account all should be separate social media the account name should same as your youtube account that impact would be good to see. share your youtube video along with video link to all your social media pages and account as well. join different pages in social media for sharing your all youtube also have to do regular for 1 year, so will make your views and subscribers very big. when you will complete youtube earning criteria then you will be eligible to withdraw. criteria is 4000 minute views and 1 thousand subscribers.

4.Monetization your youtube account

Now you will have to apply for will take some time to approve your account.once it will approve your AdSense will be eligible to withdraw your amount what you have earned through youtube videos.

For apply to Adsense,you have to go on google browser and type Adsense sign up. make sure your youtube account is eligible for monetization,then fill the form. once your application will be approved. after completing 100$ threshold you get paid in your account.

once you will follow all the above instruction I must say you, after 1 year you will earn at least 300$ to 400$ per month.this is the best way how to earn money from youtube.

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