positive thinkingThe power of positive thinking - power of subconscious 

This story starts when we all are born. The power of positive Think Thinking Thoughts - power of subconscious .After birth, our life was running very well. Why and why not, because then we did not know that we were born. Our whole family also used to do our work, when we used to weep, he used to sleep and hunger, then he also used to feed his own food. Whenever someone came back home from an office or college, they started feeding us like a toy. And it continued for several years. We did not even know that he is still dreaming inside us, Mother says that my son will grow up and become an engineer, the father says, he will make my son a pilot. So the voice comes from behind that seeing my son, one day bigger, a big man will become So my grandmother says screaming from behind that I will make my son a doctor so that he can treat all of his knees correctly. In the same way, different feelings arise in everyone's mind.

Positive thinkingPositive Thinking

And one day when the child starts going to school So if we ask him what will happen when my son grows up, the child speaks and I will become a teacher by growing up, So Papa speaks that if I want to be more than an engineer I will beat. So the son says yes, and the mind says in the mind that if I want to be in that.


By doing such, he gets a little bigger and then asks him what son you want to be, So the answer is that in the case of an actor, But he would not know that as soon as his friend circle changes, his dreams also gradually change.


But when we come to a good stage i.e. 10 classes and 12 classes Then we have a dream or you can say that we have a motive, And many people find this dream, and many people continue to pursue the desire to get ,Everybody lives fluctuations in life, but we do not want to stay if we do not get our destination till some time. We need to start something else at the right time to fulfill our dream.

positive thinkingI would just say that dreams are all seen, if not complete, do not be disappointed.We should keep trying to get those dreams some other way.

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