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How to become intelligent genius ?

All of you have heard the name of Leonardo da Vinci. If we did not hear it anyway, we would not have known about the Indian people. I did not know exactly about this. When I read about it then I find out about it. And after that, I understood how to become Intelligent Genius. So I would like to tell you why Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the greatest people in the world. And why do people call them the One of the finest genius?

What did Leonardo da Vinci do by profession?

1 He was an inventor.

2 Painter

3 Squirter

4 Architect

5 Scientists

6 Mathematicians

7 Engineer

8 Writer

9 Anodyne

10 Geology

11 Literature

12 Botany

13 Astronomy

14 kartography

15 History

Means: The subjects which were not even subjects, were too much the subject of the Da Vinci Master. And in that era, the internet was not used to remember the name. And when the information was very difficult to meet.

He was also called Father of Architecture paleontology, iconology.


Mona lisa

If I talk about his talents then He is the best painter in the world. His painting Mona Lisa paintings are also considered as the world’s most famous painting. And his painting, called the last supper, is the world’s most recreate painting.

If we talk about Da Vinci inventions.

1 Parachute

2 Helicopter

3 Tank

4 Expendable ladder

How to become intelligent genius

last super painting – most recreate painting of da vinci

They were given credit for such a lot of inventions.

And for now, tell me to give a beautiful ending. He was ambidextrous, that means he could write with both hands because of which he was also called universal genius all over the world.

Summary (How to become intelligent genius ?)

Think Like the Vinci Book Author was a big fan of two people since childhood.

1 Superman

2 Da Vinci

But as they grew up, they came to know that Superman is not in real but Da Vinci is in real and his achievement was also real, then he became a big fan of them. After that, when he got the chance, he started reading about DA.Vinci.And he read his written book again and again.And go to many different places to research about them like France and Turkey. And the author finally received 7 such principals that how to become intelligent genius who were following genius Leonardo da Vinci.

So now Begin how to become intelligent genius with 7 principles of the Vinci?

1. Curiosity

The authors say that more than the curious person Da. Vinci may have been. More than that extent, he was a Curious person who knew everything about the whole thing. He always lived in order to learn things and that was the main real reason that could make so many invent and achievements.

If I get you an example. So the greatest hacker in this world will be the one who will have the most curious to become a hacker. The person who researches to be a hacker all day.The person used to read related videos and related blogs all day long. The same person will be the greatest hacker in the world today. Not that the person whose brains have become a hacker once in a year. And the next day his passion has ended and such a person can not be at all.

The more curiosity for any field in your mind, the more chances that you will be able to become a master in that field. Therefore, as much as possible, ask related queries from that field. Maintain a notebook, write all the related queries from that business, as many geniuses in the world used to maintain a journal or notebook and write down all the learned things in it. Such as Thought Idea Plan Knowledge which helped them achieve their Goals.

Da Vinci also used to maintain many books that helped them achieve their goals, so all of you do dairy or notebook maintenance so that your curiosity level will increase very much and you will be able to do the first level of genius.

2. Demonstration (How to become intelligent genius ?)

If I did that tell you about the Demonstration in Simple way so demonstration means that when we hear about something, then we should go to the bottom of the thing, it is called a demonstration.

Example :

Now in the last point, I said that we should keep the diary and it should be very helpful. To become intelligent in achieving our goals but to tell the truth, there will be very few people who will start to maintain this diary and a book and start managing it. Experience things, and speak the truth, there will be something that will keep the capability to become a genius or achieve its goals.

Understanding the simple is better than understanding the practical theory of practice and the person who does more things than the practical, the person will become more genius.

I can not tell you very good things about skills as long as you practically fear it and do not express it by making mistakes and do not apply it repeatedly, you can neither become master in that thing nor do you So you will be able to become a genius.

3. Sensation (How to become intelligent genius ?)

Da Vinci used a lot of his five sensations and used it properly.


It means that if he is looking at any tree, he would not have given it such that it is only a tree and it is a wood and there are leaves in it, but he would have seen it with his thick thick roots, on which the trees How are the Branches that are at some height from the roots and the branches in which different types of leaves are engaged and some have flowers, they see things in detail and it was also the reason that Things were to get good understanding.

That’s why you also use your senses properly so that you too can know its details. And do not just eye your ears too if you are listening to Song then try to understand it carefully.

And in the same way, if you are catching something, then try to recognize it by rightfully feelings it.

And if you are feeling the smell of something, then try to figure out what this can be.

If you only eat food to fill the stomach, start trying to understand it from now and take it to feel and enjoy it.

Some people also speak mindfulness in the modern term, which will really help you in all these things, so as much as possible to create Focus Intelligence and Genius, use senses at your level as much as will help you how to become intelligent genius.

4. Comfort with paradoxes (How to become intelligent genius ?)

Comfort with paradoxes, This is my most favorite principality. You will try to understand this principle carefully.

I’ll explain to you with the example.

Let me tell you that killing any man is wrong and he should not do it and when I meet another person and say that it is right and it should be done and if my third person listens to these things If there is a normal mentality, then he will judge me immediately and will say that this man does a lot of wrong things two things he is doing wrong.

However, if it is not a normal human being and a person with a genius personality, then he does not take a decision to misunderstand me, but he tries to understand both things and if he does not understand then he asks me why I said such a thing which might He knew the truth that the first thing I was talking about was a bad criminal type human being and that could kill normal people in the future, whereas on the other hand, The second person was a soldier or a policeman, I was discussing it, which is terrestrial criminals. The punishment for killing one person can be right for a man. Then after knowing all this, a genius person can understand that the What’s the thing that’s saying, both things are right in their place, which they did not understand as normal.

If I talk to two people in most of the things, they will say one thing right after hearing them.which is good according to them.

If these kinds of words listen to a genius person then he will try to understand most of the truth then he will take the decision.

how to become intelligent genius.

5. Arts and science(How to become intelligent genius ?)

Da Vinci gives importance to the arts as much as science. You can also speak it upside down. but people understand that everything is science and arts is nothing and useless.


Every single parent wants to put their child in science. Or at least want to put in the commerce. But no parent wants to put their child in the arts.which is not good thinking.

Well if I talk about today’s topic, so we should give importance to both. because if you want to get the best result in any field. you will need to science and arts Both. Not just a single subject.

Exa – if you are reading this blog so this is just because of science,and if you are feeling interesting this blog so this is because of arts,because making an animation is arts,if you are making understand to any people this is also an art.if you write any kinds of blogs which is also an art.No matter how good things you can make without art, people will not like it because people love it more beautiful and interesting. And the arts are the only thing that protects things from being ugly. Today, in any field you will see that the person is able to retain the best result when he is doing something good by mixing human art and science. Therefore, you too should focus on enhancing your creativity because it is very important for you to make a genius. then you can learn how to become intelligent genius.

6. Body and mind(How to become intelligent genius ?)

If I tell you a genius and a smart person imagine, then nuts will come in your mind that type of person will have eyes in the eye and weak from the body will look like a mad, something like that. Well, nowadays, the media shows this way to the genius, whereas in reality, some of the world’s biggest geniuses, Da Vinci were physically very fit and very aggressive and very strong.Dr. Vinci was so strong that he used to turn both iron shows and door rows with his hands, he used to do a lot of swimming, used to ride horses, exercise, and used to pay attention to physical fitness.

Because he knew that the more we would be physically strong, the more we would have been strong, they had also already realized that the brain and body are connected, they also knew that the body was able to supply proper blood supply to the healthy body. It is very important that even today science also believes that if you want to become a genius then focus your health on your health. I do not exercise that mostly take more diet right exercise for the time living and you should also pay attention to your diet.then how to become intelligent genius.

7. Connection

Genius is a special thing of the people that they see connections and patterns in between the different fields in the middle of different things, and understand it and use it also. Dr. Vinci believed that everything is connected to something else.

Related example;

When I was researching about it, I came to know that Google’s innovation head was telling that whatever our heart is, is connected with two galaxies and how that thing is connected to our beats how our breaths Connected is the blue-green algae that came into the world 3 million years ago and there was such a mind-blowing thing in that magazine.

From this Principal, we can understand two things.

1 You try to see the connections between different things.

2 You are very important, you can do a lot of things, all over the world.

If you do not understand this point, then read Butterfly Effect, you will understand why I am saying this.

See: you Are connected to your family and friends. Your family is connected to your society and it is connected to your city from the state. The state is connected with your country and your country is connected from your universe to today, that you start a positive change in your life that will help you make a good person, make your life good and happy. So gradually the positive will impact on the whole universe because remember everything is connected to each other.

Through this post, I want to tell you that a positive and patience person can do anything.and he can learn that how to become intelligent genius.

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