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Through Internet marketing we can earn unlimited money to show our skills. To do this, we need to have Internet connections and computers. Through Internet marketing, we can be able to do anything easily.

There will be a lot more about Internet marketing value in the upcoming years, so if I talk about futures there will be a lot more scope because in a few years it has increased intensity and outcome.INTERNET MARKETING

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is where we can promote services and products and make our business even more successful.

With Internet marketing, we can make our business even more successful. Doing this is as easy as opening Google and using facebook. All you need to know about the Internet is a little more intuitive.

How to quickly increase your business so that we can easily increase our business in 2 ways.

  1. Paid – Google ads
  2. Organic – SEO ( search engine optimization)

Google advertising – Paid Ads

Means one of the earliest Google pages to get into your business, so you need to do paid keywords research so that if someone searches for product – related product on Google, one of the first to show it to your product.

How is it possible and what are we going to do about it

To do this, it is very important that we first sign up to the Google Ads website. In this case, we need to search out keyword related our product to make it easier to target the audience. 

I would describe you in simple words without pointing to technical languages. this only does not make your website appear on-page first. It does not make your website appear above but it does not appear below but it does not appear limited if your website is made of good and you have explained your products and service details. your website will appear on Google most of the day, and you will also get benefits in your business.

Organic – (SEO) Search engine optimization

Organic means without pay anything you can rank your website to increase your business in the search engine (google).

So we can rank our website on Google so we don’t need money to rank our website. We only need SEO tools, so that we can do. this tool offers you all the details that you need so you can correct the contents.

There are two types of SEO.

  1. On page
  2. Off page

On page SEO – you should care about on on-page SEO.

  • Title – 70 characters
  • Description – 150 characters
  • H1,H2,H3 – Headings – 15-45 characters
  •  Heading should be in 300 words.
  • 1 paragraph should be in 150 words
  •  The sentence should be 20 words.
  • keywords density – 2.5%
  • Internal links & external links should be in content.
  • Picture attributes – mentions your keywords in pictures attributes
  •  In content – in content, Your keyword should be mention between 2 first lines.

To do all this we have to write content, but before that, we have search keywords related to our content so we can write SEO friendly content to follow even its guideline. Note that keywords related to content should be low competition so you can easily. To check it out the low competition keywords Do use Google planner which is absolutely free.

Now you can easily rank your post or content.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is where can optimize our post or website with the external source. Whatever you are doing out of your website is called off-page optimization .it will really more helpful to internet marketing.

  • In the off page you can make backlinks, Directory submission, Guest post, Comments in related blogs, review submission, share on social media, write the answer in Quora related your posts.
  • Use these methods you can rank your website easily.

Social media internet marketing

Our business is mostly on social media, which uses almost all social media platforms in today’s times of social media.which is Facebook,Instagram,linkedin, Pinterest,and a lot of platforms related to social media. With this, you will reach your internet marketing audience.

We can grow our business very comfortably.

  • Make a Business page on all social media platforms
  • Increase your followers
  • To increase your followers, Do start posting on it
  • To more engagement, Do shares details of your products or services by sharing such good content like an Infographic, Gif, Short videos with sounds.
  • with every picture post, Do use hashtag around 4 or 5.

Paid Ads in social media

Make an account in Facebook business and starting marketing campaigns about your business. Here you can promote your business so efficiently. You can choose the audience accordingly to your product. For this, you don’t have to pay more money you can easily starting from your budget whether whatever is budget.

Instructions to make campaign

  • Go to the business manager and click on 3 … buttons. Then again click on Audience insights. And choose the audience according to your business.make sure First you will search out your target audience.
  • Right side click on create Ad
  • Click on the use and create the tool
  • Choose your (internet marketing)objective
  • Three kinds of objective here
    1. Awareness
    2. Consideration
    3. Conversion

Ad set

  • Audience
  • Placements
  • Budget & schedule – Now you can use paytm or UPI to pay.


  • Format
  • Media – pictures or videos
  • Audience creative

Now Facebook will review and it will run according to your ad set.

Email marketing (internet marketing)

Almost in all business email marketing. In today’s hour, the person tries to make his business good, at all times, the role of email marketing in Internet marketing is very important because of that you can target an individual customer to sell your product or service.

You should need so many emails I’d like to target the customer who is visiting your website.

How will you get their emails id?

To get their emails if you need to give them some freebees. what should be related to your products or it is useful for customers. Whether you should spend some money too.

If you will get Their emails then you can target them individually. And after some tries, you will grab them as a customer.

internet marketing
Content marketing

Before doing everything, we must pay attention to our contents because if your content is good, nobody can stop you from ranking your website because the important role in the website is that of the importer.

Why it’s happening because when you wrote content and it’s ranked in google and then when someone searches it to google related your keywords then google shows the best website to the searcher who is looking for such details.Because everyone wants all the details in one.If you will not write good content so your search term will not show in Google.so that’s why we should write such SEO friendly content. and make sure you will give all the details in content about what you are writing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where we can earn commissions to sell out other products.

How can you earn from the affiliate?

  • To make so much of earning you join the affiliate program in internet marketing. There are so many websites who give you opportunities to earn so much money like As you all know Amazon, Flipkart,snapdeal and many more.
  • You can promote the product anywhere in social media, through msgs, emails marketing, whatsapp, etc.
  • But is the right way to do affiliate is, Do blogging on the specific niche where you can post about the product like fitness, supplements, Gadgets, etc
  • Now you have written lots of about product then you can run the Facebook campaign or google ads campaign so your chance is higher to conversion. In internet marketing, you will have to need so many efforts.
  • In starting you can do one thing if you have lots of followers on Facebook, etc
    Then you can start the sharing of an affiliate link. Remember that the way of the post should be attractive to the customer will be held out to it.

One more thing that there are criteria for selling them products.suppose that you share the product to Whatsapp or anywhere else and someone clicked but not bought it so what happens is you will not get the reward if the people come again on the same website in 24 hours and bought the product then you will get commissions. Different website criteria are different than how many time will take to sell the product.

  • Every affiliate program has different thresholds like if you complete 100$ then you eligible to get it in your account.
  • It’s very simple to share in your account if you don’t have an account you can get through cheque.

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